Lash mapping is a technique for planning which lengths you will use where, in order to create a fabulous set of eyelash extensions with the style and the level of drama that you desire – and that is also suited to your eye shape.

You can explore different looks by playing with lash mapping, there are many different lash mapping designs that are great guidelines for you to use on your eye, however, every eye is different – so make sure you adapt it and don’t let any mapping guides stunt your artistic flair! 

Our ‘Map It Out’ is the perfect addition to your Blake Lashes collection when you want to play with lash maps.

See below for some of our fav lash maps…

Lash Maps

When we refer to Lash maps we are referring to a guide on what lengths and curls to apply and where in order to create a certain lash look. Drawing out your lash map enables you to apply each lash length or curl in the right section and ensures even work across both eyes. – whatever works best for you!

When starting out with lashes you tend to use either a Cat-Eye lash map or a Doll Eyelash map. These are the two most used lash maps and are normally the base for any fancy style you may wish to progress to train in at a later date, such as a wispy or strip lash set.

Cat Eye

Suitable for:

  • Clients that desire that feline/winged effect.
  • Clients with close‐set eyes (draws the eyes apart).

Unsuitable for:

  • Clients with very wide set eyes (makes eyes look wider).

Doll Eye

Suitable for:

  • Younger clients.
  • Clients with wide-set eyes (draw the eyes closer together)
  • Creating the illusion of an open eye.
  • Clients that like a lot of length throughout the lash line.
  • Clients with round eyes (makes eyes look rounder).

Unsuitable for:

  • Clients with round eyes (makes eyes look rounder).
  • Clients with weak inner and outer (long lengths damage weak inners and outers).

Below are my go-to lash maps for all my clients, feel free to use any curl for any of the below depending on how natural or glam your client would like.

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