Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning

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Get the salon-quality look without leaving your home with the Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning. Whether you’re looking for a special event or just want to enhance your everyday appearance, the Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning offers the perfect solution. Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming strip lashes and hello to stunning, long-lasting, and easy-to-apply DIY lash extensions with the Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning.



Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning is a type of eyelash extension designed for self-application. It comes in a ribbon-like form that can be cut to the desired length and width, and then applied using a bonding agent. DIY Lash Ribbon offers a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional eyelash extensions applied in a salon.

To use the Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning, you would need to follow these steps:

  1. Cut the lash ribbon to the desired length and width for each eye.
  2. Apply the bonding agent to the back of the lash ribbon.
  3. Place the lash ribbon on top of your natural lashes, starting from the inner corner and working your way outwards.
  4. Gently press the lash ribbon onto your natural lashes to secure the bond.
  5. Repeat the process for the other eye.

It’s recommended to start with a shorter length and gradually increase the length for a more natural appearance. Additionally, make sure to follow the instructions for the bonding agent carefully to ensure safe and effective application.

The benefits of using the Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning include:

  1. Convenience – You can apply the lashes in the comfort of your own home, saving time and money compared to visiting a salon.
  2. Natural Appearance – The lashes are designed to look more natural than strip lashes and offer a fuller, longer appearance.
  3. Customizable – The lash ribbon can be cut to the desired length and width, allowing you to customize the look to your preference.
  4. Long-lasting – The lashes can last up to 10 days with proper care and maintenance.
  5. Versatile – With the long ribbon lash extensions, you can create multiple looks by using different segments for each eye.

Long ribbon lash extensions, it is 15-16cm long band lashes, customer cut them yourself.

Lash length:10mm, 12mm,14mm
Lash Curl: C

1 review for Blake DIY Lash Ribbon – Stunning

  1. Aiza mollejon

    Ilove this stunning lashes para syang normal pilikmata evrytime igoing aut with frieds feel na feel ko ang ganda ko.more pag sinout easy din ilagay at mahaba magamit enytime

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