If you remove your Blakelashes correctly the removal will be completely damage-free. If you notice a couple of your natural lashes in with the segments whilst removing please don’t panic as your natural lashes shed daily so you have not pulled them out it was just their time to fall out naturally.

Generously brush our remover over the top & bottom of your Blakelashes.

Wait 20/30 seconds, get a cotton pad & wipe to remove. Repeat if needed.

Once you have removed the Blakelashes you will have bond residue on your natural lashes, repeat the above on your natural lashes until they are free from bond residue.

Do not apply a new set of Blake Lashes without cleaning your lashes & eye area first to make sure they are free from the remover residue. If there is any remover residue left on your natural lashes you will not successfully be able to apply a new set.

If you would like to reuse your Blake Lashes, you need to ensure all bond & remover residue has been removed before reapplying. Grab your Blake Lashes Bath HERE!

Length Guide

You have the choice of 4 different lengths in our Blake Lashes lengths. 

Short: 10mm Medium: 12mm Long: 14mm Extra Long: 16mm

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