Are you struggling with your Blake Lashes? We would love to be able to help you. We hope we have covered your issue below – but if not please do not Panic or hesitate to contact us.

Short: 10mm Medium: 12mm Long: 14mm Extra Long: 16mm

My lashes feel sticky after applying, the bond doesn’t seem to set.

You are applying too much bond. Next time you apply your Blake Lashes please use less bond, you should dab the bond at the root of your lash then apply one light coat over the rest of your lashes. If you apply too much bond you may experience a tacky feeling on the lashes. If you still have a sticky residue our Bond will solve this, not only does it help your lashes last longer but it will remove any sticky residue on your Blake Lashes set.

My lashes are not lasting as long as hoped.

This could be for many different reasons but we will cover the most common below!
Bond – try applying a little more bond on your next application (but be careful with this as you should not be using too much bond) we recommend applying a small amount of bond to your lashes mainly at the base, you could also try to apply bond along the lash spine

Clamping them down – this is really important! Once you have finished the application wait 10 seconds then use your applicator to clamp the Blake Lashes with your natural lashes for a longer-lasting finish. This is what gives you a secure hold. We also recommend doing this as part of your morning/eve routine & after bath/shower.

prep your lashes well before applying – they need to be free from any oils/dirt. Ensure you have used an oil-free cleanser to clean them. Wait for them to be fully dry before applying.

Do not use an oil-based cleanser/serum/eye product – you should not use any oil-based products when wearing Blake Lashes as this will break the bond down.

You have excessively oily skin, especially around the eye area, which will affect longevity. You will get the longest wear with our Blakelashes lengths, some pre-mapped styles/Ribbon styles may not last as long.

Seal with our Blake sealant, this will help with longevity. Avoid getting your Blake Lashes wet, although they are resistant to a little water they are not waterproof. If you do get them wet we recommend clamping them down again.

Ensure they are placed correctly, around 1-2mm away from your waterline

Lashes not lasting long will be down to application, don’t give up follow our tips above, read our application tips page & watch our video tutorials on our Instagram & TikTok. 

if you have read through our application tips, watched our tutorials & you still need help please rest assured we are here to help you.

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